AddLab Partner: NTS-Group

The NTS-Group develops, manufactures and optimizes opto-mechatronic systems, modules and components for international machine builders (OEMs). Our added value enables leading players in the high-tech industry to focus more on the marketing, sales and service of their products.

The NTS-Group comprises different, complementary operating companies based in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Singapore and China, which form together the most important links for manufacturing machines. In recent years, the NTS-Group has built up extensive professional know-how needed developing, making and optimising opto-mechatronic systems as well as mechanical modules and the components that they require.


Development & Engineering
Assembly & Manufacturing Competences
Lifecycle management


The markets in which we operate are varied, but have the same demand for technological competences in precise motion and positioning. As a result, we can apply the things we learn in one market to other segments.

For 3D printing we have different interests. We want to be able to use the development knowledge of Additive Manufacturing in our designs for customers when it has added value. However, we feel that you can only truly understand 3D printing in development when you are also manufacturing with 3D printing in-house. In parallel we already have knowledge in developing systems capable of 3D printing and we will keep continuous effort in increasing that knowledge to be a valuable partner of OEM-companies selling printing equipment.

Our markets are furthermore characterized by “high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity”: the coupling of a high level of customer variation, with small series of highly complex products:
- Semiconductor (35 %)
- Analysis equipment (19 %)
- Healthcare (10 %)
- Printing  (8 %)
- Photo voltaics  (4 %)
- Other (24 %)

Typical products

NTS-Group develops and produces a large variety of products. The core of our knowledge is the development and manufacturing of complex parts used in motion systems. For instance shutter systems with very fast and accurate moving parts to cut lightbeams in healthcare or Semicon. Or handling systems for wafers (Semicon), glass substrates (Solar, Display) or people (healthcare). NTS-Group can deliver the development and production of the complex mechanical part (machining, sheetmetal, granite) and can integrate the complex mechanical parts with other parts into subsystems or complete equipment and take care of the complete Supply Chain Management.

Contact details

Dillenburgstraat 9
5652 AM  Eindhoven
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 7093
5605 JB  Eindhoven
the Netherlands

Tel  +31 (0)40 259 7200
Fax +31 (0)40 259 7286

Contact person

Paul Neggers, Business Line Manager Digital Printing
Tel +31 (0)6 231 891 95

Eric Hezemans, Managing Director NTS Systems Development
Tel +31 (0)40 402 7500
Linkedin Eric Hezemans