AddLab partner: KMWE

KMWE is a reliable supplier and partner for the High Tech Equipment Industry and Aerospace. KMWE is specialized in the High Mix, Low Volume and High Complexity machining and 3D metal printing of functional critical Components and the assembly and engineering of fully tested mechatronic Systems.

KMWE is a global player located in those regions which are of strategic importance for its customers. More than 55 years of experience, an international supplier network, over 400 motivated well educated employees and a continuous drive for Excellence enables us to fulfill the highest demands of our customers. Always on the cutting edge of excellence.

Our services 

Topology optimization and engineering services
Prototyping both 3D printing and machining
Business case validation


Aerospace & Defence
Medical & Analytical
Science & Industry

Typical products

High Complex functional critical components

Contact details

Croy 11, 5653 LC Eindhoven
P.O. 7930 5605 SH Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Contact person 

Arno Gramsma, Director KMWE 3DP
Tel       +31 (0) 40 256 16 01
Mob    +31 (0) 6 109 04 189