Additive World Awards designed and 3D Printed by AddLab

06 maart 2015

Additive World Awards designed and 3D Printed by AddLab

The two winners of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2015 that succeeded best at achieving the assignment to redesign an existing product for additive manufacturing are Team e-Move and Team 'Cooling with Heat' from Bremen University. Team e-Move optimised the design of the swing arm of an electric motorcycle for weight, reduced the number of parts from 16 to 1 and simultaneously increased the reliability by integrating the brake line into the frame. Team ‘Cooling with Heat’ from Bremen University demonstrated the large design freedom that comes with 3D printing to make an innovative heat exchanger inspired by nature. This cooling system converts heat produced by the computer’s CPU to electricity used to power the cooling fan. The complexity of the small channels in the redesigned part is only possible to make using 3D printing and illustrate very well what this new technology has to offer. The winners took home the latest Ultimaker 3D printer, a free licence of Altair’s design optimization software and a 3D metal printed Additive World Award by AddLab.

Besides the winners of the Design Challenge, Additive Industries presented three more Additive World Awards. On behalf of 3D Hubs, Bram de Zwart accepted the Pioneer Award for the impressive development of their worldwide network connecting 13.000 3D printers. Greg Morris of GE Aviation was awarded for the best industrial application for their additively manufactured fuel nozzle for the new Leap engine. With this fuel nozzle they have had an important impact on the worldwide acceptance of additive manufacturing as a reliable technology for critical functional parts. Finally,  Additive Industries CEO Daan Kersten praised Brent Stucker for his extensive and valuable contributions to standardisation of 3D metal printing for the manufacturing industry and presented to him the Industrial Achievement Award. 

The Winners


Winner student category: Jonas Deitschun (representing team Cooling with Heat), Bremen University



Winner professional category: Gilbert Peters, e-Move

Finalists and jury

From left to right: Rein van der Mast (Additive Industries), Dorine Laheij (STTLS), Charles de Forges (Spartacus 3d), Erik de Bruijn (Ultimaker), Gilbert Peters (e-Move), Brent Stucker (3D Sim), Christophe Blanc (Materialise), Jonas Deitschun (Bremen University), Michal Wanski (Altair), Giorgio Magistrelli (Cecimo).