Shared 3D Metal Printing Laboratory

In our shared AddLab, we will together learn, experiment and explore the opportunities additive manufacturing and 3D printing have to offer in creating lighter, compact, integrated, more complex ‘functional’ products and parts with better thermal performance/characteristics.

The competences and equipment required is clustered in a shared facility or laboratory (AddLab) that is open to the lab partners. We believe that creating a joint competence centre and laboratory for additive manufacturing is best done in close co-operation with a limited number of leading industrial partners who share the ambition to adopt and integrate additive manufacturing in their future business plans and production technology roadmaps.

Please find an overview of our current partners here. Please let us know if you share our ambitions and want to join!



In the AddLab the latest additive manufacturing equipment is found as well as state-of-the-art pre- and post-processing facilities. Please find a list of the typical equipment and software tools you'll find in AddLab.

  • SLM Solutions SLM 280HL
  • Phenix Systems PXL
  • Phenom World Electron Beam Microscope
  • Altair Inspire Topology Optimization Software
  • Materialise Magics
  • GOM 3D scanner
  • Shot peening cabinets (coarse/fine)
  • Oven for heat treatment